Name: Gregory Hunt


Nationality: English

Shipped Titles:


  • Environment Artist at TRC Family Entertainment, Malta
    Initially employed as an Environment Artist, I created individual and modular environment assets. I also constructed the environment scenes themselves, applying transform animations, scripts & FX to the appropriate assets and lighting. There was also a time period of many months where I was producing Character Art for the project. We released The WishingTooth Storybook Adventure which included 2 mini-games powered by Unity3D. Other products of the IP are still under development using Unity3D.
    (May 2012 – August 2014 )
  • Employed on a Contractual Freelance basis with Streamline Production, creating 3D and Texture assets for environments on multiple titles including Star Wars Kinect and Bioshock Infinite.
    (July 2010 – May 2012)
  • Employed as a Junior Artist at Streamline Studios, duties involve high/low-poly modelling, UVing and texturing of Environment, Props, Characters and Lighting of Environments. Ability to adapt between stylised and realistic art style work flows.
    (November 2008 – November 2009)
  • Created numerous environment assets for an Indie game project.
    (April 2007 – June 2007)
  • Involved in the development of mods (“Classic Doom for Doom 3” & “Hexen: Edge of Chaos”) based upon the Doom 3 engine. Both mods had articles featured in numerous magazines and videogame community sites. Responsible as an Environment & Texture Artist.

Software / Skill set

  • Modelling High poly models for use in cinematics, baking texture normalmaps/ambient occlusion and still renders.
  • Modelling Low poly game models, composing environment scenes and lighting.
  • Painting textures in various art styles for tileable use and for unique game models.
  • Software experience: 3D Studio Max, Maya, Zbrush, Modo, Mudbox, Photoshop
  • Working with game engine specifications and limitations/optimisations. Game engine experience including UDK, idtech4, Gamebryo and Source.


  • Northampton College – Studied Art & Design
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